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Race - The WTCC Game brings all the emotion of touring cars to your PC
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Race - The Official WTCC game is another racing simulator by Swedish developers SimBin. SimBin has established itself as one of the best racing simulator developers with their previous titles GTR and GTR 2. As in the previous GTR games, SimBin has the exclusive license for a FIA championship, only this time its the WTCC. The WTCC is the premier racing championship for touring cars. In the year Race was based (2006) the championship had 6 brands of cars. The cars include the Alfa Romeo 156, Honda Accord, BMW 320i and 320Si, Chevrolet Lacetti, SEAT Leon and Toledo and the Peugeot 407. The game is high-demanding with PCs, but the graphics are superb, the detail in the cars and on the track makes the atmosphere more realistic. The physics are very good; in fact, the developers were assisted with them by WTCC drivers, such as that year's champion Andy Prilaux. The game has the complete set of tracks in the WTCC calendar, and each of them is modeled using real world data. This version of the game now is exclusively distributed through Steam now, and includes the Caterham Expansion pack. However the new Race 07 from SimBin is out, so if you are going to spend your money, get the new version.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great touring car racing


  • It has been outdated by the new Simbin Race 07
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